Meet The Owner

At 17, still in high school, Jacob enlisted in the TN Army National Guard. Specializing in Communications, he operated Single Channel Ground to Air radios from 1996 to 2002. He pursued further education in Computer Networking and has since amassed 25 years of experience in telecommunications. Beyond his professional pursuits, he dedicates his free time to serving as a volunteer firefighter and aiding his county's disaster relief efforts. For Jacob, facilitating communication has been a lifelong passion, whether in military service or data communications. Tigrett Outdoors provides him the platform to continue this mission, ensuring people can connect when it matters.

His passion has been helping people communicate, whether in his military career or data communications, for the last 25 years. Tigrett Outdoors has enabled Jacob to continue his passion for helping people stay in communication with one another.

The why behind Tigrett Outdoors

I have been in e-commerce for over 20 years in various industries. Recently going back to school at Liberty University with a major in business, I learned some new techniques for a successful business and was anxious to put it to the test. While at Liberty I was looking for a product exactly like our SMC cable for personal use. I couldn’t believe no one made one that fit exactly what I wanted in a cable for connecting a Baofeng radio to electronic earmuffs. The idea seemed solid, and although I didn’t do much market research, I began developing the project with our manufacturing partners. With a few samples that were failures, we finally had what I felt was a winning product. It has been well-received by shooting enthusiasts, ham radio operators, and the tactical community.

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